kilnThe word “whistle” implies one note, and an ocarina plays more than one note. However, I love the familiar and playful sound of “whistle” and so use it to describe all of my pieces though all have multiple notes.

The tiny necklace whistles play a high pitch, 3 note bird-like tweeting sound and the larger pieces play progressively lower pitches.

The polar bears have a soothing “alto” sound, rather like an Indian flute.

Most of the sculptural pieces are tuned to a 5 note scale (do re mi fa sol) which follows a very simple fingering system.

Each whistle, whether it plays 3, 4, or 5 notes, is tuned by ear to have a clear and pleasant sound. Playing instructions come with the whistle.

chickadee hhsnowyowls polarbear3

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Necklace Whistle:

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Small 5 Note Whistle:

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Larger 5 Note Whistle:

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Large Whistle: