whistle-familylgWelcome to Mary Stone Whistles! I have changed to part time work and supplies of my pieces may be limited. Please contact the Artisans Hand Craft Gallery to see what they have in stock: ahmanager2@gmail.com

Vermont is my home and my inspiration. I live and work on a lovely hillside overlooking the capital city of Montpelier. I love the challenge of combining form and sound in designing my whistles and my experience is that people of all ages respond to them with big smiles and a sense of delight.

From tiny porcelain necklace whistles to lumbering grizzly bears, each is easy to play and pleasant to hear.

Whether you love birds, cats, hippos, or have a special totem animal, explore my website to find the creature that speaks to you.  Here you will find a wide variety of designs I make in my home studio.

I make each piece by hand using porcelain, stoneware, or terracotta clay. They are then brushed with permanent non-toxic glazes, and fired to a durable finish.